Saturday, February 21, 2015

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By Debbie Christiana

As a writer and an avid reader, the setting of a story is important. In a romance you might choose a beach at sunset or a picnic in front of a crackling fire. A haunted mansion, cemeteries, insane asylums are great spots for a darker story.

But what if the setting was an unusual place? A place seldom visited by star crossed lovers or the shifter/vampire couple.

One the best short stories I ever read (In a writing class I was taking about writing villains, description and setting) was an untitled paranormal romance submitted to class by a woman. The reason was the uncommon location of vampire’s liar.

The NEON MUESUM of Las Vegas.

The writer lived in Las Vegas and this very real place was common knowledge to her, but not to the rest of us, which made it so much more creepy and fun!

I remember the vamp wooing his lover behind the Wedding Chapel sign...

And taking care of some unpleasant business near the old and battered Golden Nugget sign Mafia style.

I was so impressed with the story, her vivid descriptions of the old 'graveyard' from the heated neon brightness to the sounds of Las Vegas nightlife in the background, that a year later when my husband I went to Las Vegas, I looked it up. 

You can visit, but the hours are limited. It’s a guided tour because it can be dangerous to walk around there alone. Unfortunately, we went in July when it was 110 in the shade and the museum had shorter hours in the heat of summer, so it didn’t fit into our schedule. But next time!

Is there a story you’ve read that stuck with you because it took place somewhere different and exciting?

I write paranormal romance and short dark fiction. TWIN FLAMES a PNR about reincarnation, soul mates and…a ghost, is set in a vineyard in northwest Connecticut, where I live. Not all that unusual, but today (FEB 21) is the last day it's on sale for $0.99 on Amazon at

Happy Reading and Writing!
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