Thursday, February 5, 2015

Expert Advice On How To Deal With A Ghost From A Warrior Angel

I love the tv show Supernatural...

Dean Winchester-A Hunter (left) Castiel- AnAngel (right)

If you are friends with me on Facebook or have read some of the posts on my personal blog you'd know that to the Nth degree.  But when I can say when you give me an hour of three muscle bound guys with intense expressions while one of them wears a trench coat, I'm hooked.  

I have to admit, when it first came out I was not its biggest fan.  Mostly because I thought it skewed too much toward a young audience for my taste.  Besides it didn't help that it was on the WB (when it first came out ) along side Dawson's Creek and Smallville, two shows I'm still trying to find a taste for.  Then when it moved to CW, it sort of disappeared off of my radar. 

TBS picked it up and that changed everything.  One day, while watching tv in a waiting room at a doctor's office, I was forced to watch it because I had read every Highlights magazine in the room along with all of the two year old issues of Hour Detroit magazine.  To be honest, I have no idea what the episode was about, but the guys were hot and more importantly it was funny and not stupid. So I was intrigued.

I said intrigued. Not in love. That didn't happen until I stumbled upon it again (on TBS of course) when they were airing an episode entitled 'Sex and Violence.'  The title notwithstanding, I don't think the two should go together, that episode made me a Supernatural junkie forever. If you would like to read why, click here.

Castiel (Ange) kissing Meg (Demon) a long cool reason.

So there, I'm fan of all things Supernatural, the tv show of course not the other stuff...:ahem: but I digress. Misha Collins who portrays Castiel, an Angel assigned to protect Dean and Sam Winchester, is the sober faced one of the three also known as Team Free inside joke.  And when I say sober faced- that is saying a lot since Sam and Dean have spent most of their lives looking Death in the face. No really they have! It's some British sounding dude with Black Hair who loves fried pickles.... He has a thing for it... Never mind.  

Anyways, Misha when not portraying Castiel is a pretty light hearted fellow with an intriguing past and a hilarious often naughty since of humor.  (Meaning he is nothing like the character he plays, now that is acting!)  

On Buzzfeed, he was asked on 'How to deal with a ghost that is haunting your house.' Here a few of his answers...

"BF- You wake up and there's a ghost hovering over your bed. What do you do?"

"Misha- Call my mother."

"BF- What does the ghost look like and what is its name?"

"Misha- The ghost's name is William Shatner and it's name is Robot Heat."

"BF- What do you take with you to protect against a ghost?"

"Misha- A condom."

On that note-- if you would like to read more visit the cool interview to see Misha's wacky answers here...

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