Saturday, February 28, 2015

Frey Ortega


Hi everyone! My name is Frey Ortega, and I write gay erotic romance of the M/M variety. I dabble in a lot of different things: paranormal contemporaries set in New York City, all the way to obscure little lakeside towns in Montana, to mythology-inspired contemporaries in an island paradise in the Mediterranean, and cliffside castles filled with delicious Minotaur shifters all the way in Ireland. I have a lot coming your way in 2015, as you can tell!

I hail from the Philippines and I'm a huge video game and internet geek. I spend roughly half my days just sitting in front of the computer surfing the web and playing video games, and the other half I spend... in front of the computer and writing. LOL!

I have my Into the New World series and Lykaios series, the first book of which just came out February 21st, 2015! 

Why do I like writing Paranormal Romance?

Mostly because of the element of the paranormal. There's something about a werewolf finding their mate, or a vampire finding that right person for them, or even a Siren finding the one person they could never sing to ruin that makes me all quiver on the inside. It just feels that much more special to write Paranormal Romance. There's a depth of emotion that - while Contemporary can also achieve - it feels so much more fantastical (and, to me anyway,) more satisfactory with a Paranormal. I guess that's the main draw of it for me. Though I do love Contemporary, don't get me wrong! A hot alpha werewolf just makes my knees weak. :)

You can find my books here!

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