Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"The Apartment" one tale in "Wicked Intentions" a paranormal anthology by JoAnne Myers

Blurb: For a young couple in love with college ambitions Seattle, Washington

was the perfect place to fall in love and marry. Little did Bill and Gayle Price

know, but their happiness, their faith in each other and their sense of security

would be tested beyond human limits.



Minutes later they arrived at the perspective new home. The first thing

they noticed while approaching the first floor flat was the abundant amount of

torn and broken furniture in the front yard. “What happened here?” Gayle

asked, giving the rubbish the once over. “It looks like an animal chewed up the


Just as baffled as his bride, Bill said, “Maybe they had a big dog. I’m sure

there’s a reasonable explanation for all this.”

“There is!” chirped a voice from behind.

The couple turned and found the thirty-something realtor waiting for them.

“Hi,” she said. “You happy-looking folks must be Mr. and Mrs. Price?”

“Yes, we are,” replied Bill, extending his hand as his wife repeated his


“Whose property is this?” asked Gayle, pointing to the junk.

“Oh…it belonged to the last occupant. They left unexpectedly,” she said,

still smiling.

“Did something happen here that we should be concerned about?” asked

Bill. “I mean, this area is known for its antique stores and art walk. Not riff-raff


“It was nothing criminal, I assure you,” she said. “Let’s go inside and have

a tour.” She gave no further explanation.

Bill and Gayle apprehensively followed the enthusiastic woman into the

apartment. Once inside they noticed extensive remodeling in process. “The

paint and carpets look brand new,” said Gayle, noticing the work crew moving


“Yes!” piped the realtor. “We gutted the entire place after the last tenants.

New floorboards, new dry wall, new fixtures.”

“Well, the rent is certainly in our price range,” said Bill. “Isn’t it, honey?”

“Oh, yes…it is,” whispered Gayle. She had an uneasy feeling about the

place. But it would be silly to turn down such a great apartment, she thought.

“Great!” said the realtor. “You can move in Friday. I have the rental

agreement right here.” She promptly removed the lease from her briefcase, and

the young couple applied their John Hancock’s. It was a done deal.

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