Friday, February 13, 2015

Can't You See Him As Your Next Vampire Lover?

When I look it him, not only do I see Captain America's hot best friend but also, if I let my imagination soar, an emotionally tortured Count.  

A vampire choosing to live his life alone, away from the threat of humanity and its blasted companionship fraught with complication.  How can you be friends with your food?  Sure there are other vampires but they tend to be rivals who stir up trouble.  No, this man, this Count leads an uncomplicated life not sullied by messy things like emotions and relationships. 

That is until his leading lady steps into his life.  Perhaps it is you.  You stir a long dormant desire within him. With you, he sees the possibility of happiness and a life of pleasure, not loneliness.

But who do you see?  A hot as hell man with the strength of ten and a pent up passion longing to be released.

He is determined to claim you.  You will be his mate forever.  And you want this.  For he is fearless, handsome and determined man.  He is the consummate alpha male and he wants you. You know his devotion for you will be without limit but then again so will your love.  

He is a vampire and yet you are willing to offer up yourself to spend an eternity with him for he has captured your heart and your body. He will protect you even if it means sacrificing his life because you are his mate, his love, his bride.

...So when I saw The Winter Soldier, my muse became very inspired.  

-Peyton Brittany Clarke

She is presently writing way too many paranormals to speak of while tweaking her follow ups to her debut paranormal romance 'Blood Bond-The Ferae.'


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