Friday, February 20, 2015

I Cut My Paranormal Romance Teeth On A Werewolf Book

Technically it was a short story by Tielle St. Clair.

Since it had been so long since I'd had ventured into the world of paranormal romance-- you know since The Lost Boys debacle of the 1980's.  (You can read about it here...)  I was reluctant to read the genre.  I must admit back in the day there wasn't a great selection outside of Laurell K. Hamilton books which weren't my cup of tea.  So I was left floundering in a sea of Fred Saberhagen novels that didn't quite satiate my lusty desire erotic paranormal romance. 

Fast forward to a few years back and I'm totally into my paranormal romance thing again.  I figure I'm going to skip fan fiction and go right to the pros, expert edition... you know Erotic Romance.  I didn't know who was good or what to buy.  

I knew I didn't want to start off reading vampire novels because I think everyone was still in love with Twilight at the time and I was too afraid of delving into reading vampire books for fear of getting a vampire not of my liking.  So I turned to werewolves. It had been my experience Pre- Being Human that werewolves did not make great love interest because they often did horrible things to like everyone even their love interests.  

And though there was Josh from Being Human, he was a vicious werewolf every full moon but it was a generally a sad tortured puppy who piddled on the floor the other four weeks out of the year... so I wouldn't have thought to create an entire erotic romance around him.  Undaunted I charged ahead. 

So after reading tons of promos from fellow authors online I narrowed down the type werewolf book I'd be interested in reading along with some promising authors.  Note I also choose shorter works because I didn't want to buy a long book for fear of not being able to finish it.  

Armed with my knowledge and lust, I went to Ellora's Cave's website. I happened upon Tielle St. Clair's book, After The Ceremony.  It's a part of the Wolf's Heritage series.  The short story which at the time was free, (I got lucky) seemed intriguing. 

It was a menage, an MMF one in fact.    

Here's the blurb- 

Part of the Wolf’s Heritage series.The fun begins. After the ceremony.For Zach, Taylor and Mikhail’s wedding is a bittersweet event. He’s thrilled for his lovers but feels left out. Still, he’s going to do everything in his power so they can have the perfect wedding night. Just the two of them. But Taylor and Mik have other plans. Their perfect wedding night involves Zach and the wicked, wicked things they do together. 


So I read it and I loved it.  It was hot and sweet and interesting and I could go on.  It made me want to read the rest of the series!  Talk about going pro/expert edition-- I could teach classes after that one!

Then I thought, I got to have more.  And it's been a blur ever since.  I don't remember specifics about everything that happened since only bits and pieces... a menage here, two werewolves and a were bear over there. You know images...

Well anyway, that's how I wound up helping Peyton start the paranormal romance blog hop and this page because I watched Being Human on Syfy channel. And it was just a downward spiral from there.  

But oh what a ride it has been.  

Clare Dargin

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