Friday, February 27, 2015

Cree Storm


Hi I'm Cree Storm.  Let me start by saying  I am a M/M author.  I have taken Greek Mythology and brought it to life with romance, intrigue, team work.  I am a proud mother of two and spent most of my life helping people with disabilities have the life they dreamed and finally decided that it was my turn.  Since then I have my first series Twelve Labors and got a second series MYSTIC  and I am on the way to start a third one :)

A little about what I like writing in paranormal romance

I love to write about two people that are brought together through difficult times and showing that if you work together, no matter what your differences, you can overcome anything as a team.  That if you really care for someone, nothing else matters.  That even if you are weak in some areas that is where your partner is there to hold you up and vice can keep each other strong.

Here is where you can go and see my collection of books and buy links

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