Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Paranormal Fascination

Why the fascination with Paranormal Romance?

Long before Bram Stoker's Dracula, there were legends and myths of vampires and other supernatural creatures. Humans have been fascinated with what is unusual and unique.

Paranormal Romance gives escapism from the every day life. And the heroes are pretty hot too.

I think because of the freedom it gives both readers and writers. Also, it correlates feelings of not fitting in with finding a soul mate. A vampire, shifter, or angel won't fit in with normal society--at least not completely.

There is the romance and the unusual that draws me into reading and writing paranormal romance.
My hero or heroine can be a dragon shifter or an Incubus - and have problems both common to humans and not.

It's the paranormal aspect wrapped up in a character(s) that breaths freshness into a story or romance. And I for one, can't get enough.

Son of Dragons Book 2 Legends of Oblivion
9781440581267Blurb: Shunned by her own people and weary-hearted from centuries of lost loves, Elvin warrior Mirhana scours the land to silence the undead. Her heart has turned as cold as the sword she wields, until a prince seeks her aid.

Never has Prince Landon met a woman like Mirhana. Both beautiful and deadly, she haunts his dreams. The battle at hand becomes more enchanting than fighting to remain true to his unseen betrothed.

When a traitor emerges, new alliances are tested and the only remaining hope is to follow the prophecy and find the . . . Son of Dragons.

Excerpt:Still, he couldn’t stop thinking about those piercing emerald eyes. They’d belonged to a woman; he could tell. There was intelligence and cunning in them. Her stare felt as though she saw through the fa├žade he often wore as prince and to please others, and into his kajh. A woman who was not afraid, but used to being feared. It unnerved him, yet excited him. Better get some sleep before the night was gone. Tomorrow, he’d tell Gillespie about what he saw. He doubted he could explain those captivating green eyes that continued to haunt him even now.

Pickup your copy today: http://amzn.com/B00JX12L1I

Bio Pic 300x400Andrea R. Cooper's favorite childhood memories revolved around creating vibrant characters for her friends, and then acting out their adventures. Inside her fantasy worlds of darkened forests, dragon-filled glades, and iced islands, nothing was banned. From the ethereal Elvin to the most maligned Vampires, all were welcome in her fictional realities, a stark contrast to her home, where the magical and mythical was forbidden.

Divorced and disillusioned of love and believing all the love songs and books exaggerated, she put aside her creativity for life. Many years past before characters, from the familiar to the freshly conceived, came to her again, but this time teasing at a new passion, the written word.

Gradually, her real life hero brought love and magic back into existence. During the time when her characters were getting reacquainted, the love of her life was showing her that true love never gives up and rekindles no matter how many times others attempt to extinguish it. Today, she is happily married with three children.

Andrea believes in the power of change and delighting in each moment. But most fervently, she believes in the magic of love and imagination again.

website: http://www.andreacooperbooks.com
twitter: @andreaRcooper
newsletter: http://www.andreaRcooper.com

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