Thursday, March 5, 2015

Introducing Vicki Ballante

I'm so excited to be here amongst other paranormal romance lovers. I want to introduce myself as a new reviewer on this site.

I'm new to the genre as far as writing goes, but I have enjoyed reading paranormal romances for a while, mostly shifter romances, but I'm keen to try out others too. I also love watching paranormal shows on TV.

My take on the genre is more from the light / fantasy side. I don't write scary but rather sexy. My most evil villainess was tame. You can read about her in The Century Sage. But I enjoy writing about entering an alternate world where my characters have special powers or magic enters their lives and changes up things for them. As a kid I read The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and my love for fantasy was born. The way he created a whole new world in Narnia stirred me up. When I first became serious about writing, I naturally gravitated toward romance but started off contemporary. Since taking the plunge and dabbling in fantasy/paranormal, it's been an exciting road.

My first ever fantasy romance was The Love Commission. It's about fairies and gold and silver dust all set in Africa. Then I wrote Her Real-Life Hero about an antique bureau that has magic powers which brought Joanie an unexpected surprise in the form of sexy Theo. Her Real-Life Hero should be released in April/May. After that I wrote The Century Sage which truly was the most fun to write. I don't know why, but I loved the journey of the book. It's about Lina, the tree sage (or type of dryad), who heals trees and has powers to stop fires and floods. I also write sweet romances under another name and have started incorporating magic into those too.

You can find more info about my books here and here.

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