Saturday, September 19, 2015

Reader-Author Relationship in the busy Paranormal Romance genre. Any suggestions?

I recently got a message from a reader asking me if I dropped off the face of the planet. My answer: Almost. Between changing 3 countries and 5 rents in the last 9 months and trying to keep up with day job and writing (not to mention being a bridesmaid for my sister), yeah, I sometimes felt more dead that alive. And never more alive. Life is weird.
I'm sorry to say I neglected most of my accounts (except Facebook. Who can neglect Facebook, she's a demanding mistress!) and didn't participate as much as I did before But, but, but. I didn't neglect writing. Mostly. Readers understand how life happens when you're not looking. They just don't like it at all. I know this as when I'm waiting for an author's release I'm a maniac myself.
So off to this post's subject (besides the advertising part that I'll get to towards the end):
How to maintain your readers interested when you're not releasing anything new for a while? And I would love some readers' opinions on this. As authors, we all use different strategies to keep you all from getting bored with us (and with waiting). Yes, this post is not really paranormal related. Mmmm, though it can be considered that, as maintaining a fan base while not writing can be considered Scifi. Lol.
In writing paranormal romance it's even more difficult to maintain a relationship with your readers.  One, there are tons of books released everyday. Two, there are tons of new authors appearing everyday. Paranormal romance is an expanding genre, probably because more and more of us are looking for an escape from reality and what would be better than an alternative reality where anything can be possible ?(well, not all in a book, but in paranormal genre-yes.)
Social media helps- and doesn't. You practically need an army of minions to maintain contact and keep all your accounts running and entertaining visitors. Not really feasible for a starving author that works 10 h/day to earn the rent and afford continuing to write (When? At night of course! Who needs sleep? We'll sleep when we're dead. ) So, you have a scarce social presence, a release once in a while and an obsession towards writing and all paranormal stuff. Any suggestions?
BTW, this is the advertising part of this post. I magicked myself a clone(or just didn't sleep) and I'm happy to announce a new release next week! 
Book 4 is out! What Book 4, you say? Return of the Originals, Drakon's Angel is ready for preorder already, hehhehehe. Check my blog for details to a giveaway I have running  wordpress or weebly. Until next time!
And here's some visual teasing:

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  1. I also find it hard to connect with readers in between book releases. You could always offer giveaways or have free short stories available in between. Of course, everything takes time. Or just engage on a personal level i.e. what's going in your life at the moment - not too personal or complaining, but short snippets of your writing adventures, etc. Congrats on your new release!


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