Monday, February 1, 2016

The Yeti #shifter has some amazing tricks up his sleeve! #Bigfoot romance

Some say the Yeti or Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman as many call him, is a missing link along the human evolutionary line. Either that or he's a special type of gigantic ape who lives in the forest or else the lonely snow covered mountains, always alone, always dodging human contact. He's at once a legend and a mystery that time has never unraveled. Will we ever find the answer?

Well, I for one have always been intrigued by unsolvable mysteries so I figured, why not write a Yeti shifter romance? And who better to pair such a painfully shy creature with than a nosy reporter? One determined to gain fame and fortune from her big discovery, even if it costs her life?

Fortunately for her, the Yeti has other plans. He's also got some special features to help him out. Check these fancy skills:

1. He's got silky soft long white hair.
2. His penis is ribbed!
3. He has extra padding on his feet and hands to be able to traverse the ice.
4. Even his eyes have a special covering sort of like a cat's.
5. He's also got some high-tech devices to get him around from place to place.

Check out these features and learn more about the secret Yeti world in Saved by the Yeti, out now.

 Reporter Kaylee Vonn is determined to prove Yetis exist. Not even avalanche danger and certain death can deter her from her goal. But her plans are thrown awry by the handsome, towering shopkeeper Pete. She's sure he has a secret line to the Yeti. She doesn't know how right she is...

From the moment he meets the nosy reporter, Pete knows she'd make a perfect mate. Except if she exposes his ancient race's secrets, she'll die. Can he stop her snooping before she does something stupid and pays the ultimate price?


Still in Yeti form, Roshan burst through the portal at a breakneck run, body burning with internal fire. The beast inside roared and clamored with urgency, demanding he find Kaylee immediately. He hadn’t forgotten her occupation nor her goal — to expose his people — but his beast didn’t care Kaylee wasn’t proper mate material. It desired Kaylee, and its yearning grew louder and more alarm-filled by the second. Worry churning in his gut, he stepped out on top of the mountain.

Snow and driving wind hit him full-force, making a clear line of sight difficult for even him. Using the magic of the ancients, he hummed the song to slow the elements and make his trek easier. When the downfall abated, chill air swept around him. Close to dark, the mountain would be uninhabitable for all but the hardiest critters in no time. With little time left, he scurried down the hill toward the cabin, praying Kaylee had enough sense to have remained there during his absence.

On each of his steps his oversized feet and claws sank in and held. He did not worry about the steepness of the slope for he had excellent balance. The thick coating of fur kept him warm and so did the exercise, so he would not freeze. But his heart was still broken by the death he’d seen. Needing to assure himself of the beauty of life, he pounded down the mountain. Kaylee would be there. She’d cure his aching soul.

Mate. He clenched his jaw and ignored his beast but again it howled, this time louder. Mate!

The beast’s shrill alarm call stopped him in his tracks. He looked around and sniffed the air but found nothing. Annoyed, he shook his head. His beast had gone overboard, that’s all. Before he resumed his descent he looked down and saw a faint hint of tracks. Human tracks. Kaylee’s? Holy ancients, no. It can’t be. But despair curled low in his guts, filling him with dread.

Anxious, he followed the prints down the hill to where they stopped. He saw the flattened hillside and followed it down. At the bottom, he found no Kaylee. Instinct whispered to keep searching. With every step, his blood chilled. Would he find Kaylee’s body out here in this horrible storm? He clenched his padded hands and gave a low roar. The mountain shook. A ball of snow hidden under a jutting rock moved and wobbled to standing.  Shock hit him. The slim form barely clinging to the mountain was Kaylee.

He raced across the steep slope and grabbed her before her unsteady limbs could collapse. Wrapping his arms around her, he swallowed a cry of relief and squeezed her tight to his chest. Her face burrowed into his hairy shoulder, her chilled face like ice. He brushed his thick ape-like lips over her cheek, silently assuring her he’d keep her safe, then carried his precious cargo down the slippery hill. Each step brought her closer to warmth and safety but every second she spent in his arms solidified his beast’s claim. She’s out here because she wants us. I want her. She’s mine.

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