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My WIP by JoAnne Myers

Hello readers and fellow authors. I have a WIP that I would like to share. Right now the title is "Murder Most Foul 2: Batya"  It is a sequel to my detective/mystery "Murder Most Foul" published by Melange Books.  In this new tale, my hero F.B.I. Agent Walker Harmon has been called out of retirement by the Vatican to rescue the young girl Batya from Satan and other maniacal human and non-human beings.  When Harmon realizes that witches, demons, fairies, magic and fleshly temptations exist, his training, intellect and moral fiber are put to the ultimate test.  Not only does Harmon deal with supernatural entities, but his lover Jackie Reeves, is forced to fight for her survival and for her future with Harmon.  Here is a sample from the story. Enjoy and comments are welcome.

“Oh shut up you,” snapped the lead drag queen at the card players, as both he/she’s made a bee line for the front door. 
“This is a place where everyone’s money is good,” explained the tall skinny bartender as he wiped down the bar and cleared a spot for Harmon. “My dad owns this place and says ‘any money that’s green is good money’”.
Harmon cracked a grin and removed a pack of Marlboro’s from his inside coat pocket. “Care for one?”
“Any free cigarette is a good one,” he said with a laugh as Harmon shook his head in agreement.
After exhaling, the bartender said, “my names Paulo”.
“I’m Walker Harmon,” he said accepting Paulo’s handshake. “Is it always this dead in here?”
“The real party starts at midnight. The tourist’s scamper through the door in hoards. Anything goes, and everything is available.”
“Well it doesn’t take much to please me nowadays. Right now I’m looking for my daughter.”
After hearing the code words, ‘my daughter’ Paulo spoke. “Well then let’s talk in back.” Harmon was then lead to a messy backroom that doubled as a storage area.
Once there, Harmon got to the point. “I got a picture right here of her.” Harmon whipped out Batya’s photograph and handed it to Paulo, who accepted it, only to have it burn his hand. He released the picture and simultaneously screamed. The earth shattering non-human howl was as terrifying as his now blood red eyes.
Immediately, Harmon opened fired. The bullets went straight through Paulo, who found the agents attempt at self-defense amusing. “That tickled,” he said with a sick sneer, before grabbing Harmon around the neck with one hand, lifting the agent off the floor.
Using the butt of his revolver, Harmon pounded his foe about the face and head, to no avail. Harmon was thrown across the room like a rag-doll and into a wooden shelf, which crumpled under the weight. He rebounded as Paulo jumped the thirty feet that separated the two. Harmon grabbed the first weapon he saw, a rusty tire iron. “Take this, you freak,” shouted Harmon impacting the tool between Paulo’s eyes in mid-air.  Even that did not end the fight. “You got to be kidding me,” said a flabbergasted Harmon as Paulo pulled the instrument from his head as black blood flowed from the opening.
“You’re gonna pay for that,” said Paulo advancing toward Harmon who was now backed into a corner of the room. Completely helpless and trapped, the agent gritted his teeth, and engaged his switchblade, ready for death.
Suddenly, the combatants were interrupted by the woman from the Vatican. Armed with an unknown liquid she carried inside a small bottle, the woman aimed for Paulo’s eyes, all the while chanting something that to Harmon was incoherent.
Releasing a blood curling scream from the liquid burning his eyes, Paulo’s skin smoldered and blistered. He immediately jumped through a high small window and disappeared.
“It didn’t bite you did it?” she asked.
Releasing a heavy sigh, Harmon replied “no, and what did you use to run him off?”
“Holy water. Most supernatural beings detest it.”
“Is that why the photo of Batya burned his hand?”
“Yes! With the girl being a virgin, anything pure is Taboo to most demons.”
“Demons, Genie’s, holy water…”
Shaking his head, Harmon said, “Never mind! I don’t favor being followed, but I guess I owe you a thank you for saving my ass.”
About the Author:
JoAnne lives in Ohio and works for a nursing home. She is the author of 7 books and canvas paints. She belongs to several writing groups and welcomes fellow authors on her blogs.

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