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When the power pulls you in - dominant males and their animal attraction #shifter #PNR

animal magnetism
  1.        the power to attract others through one's physical presence, bearing,energy, etc.
  2.        the indefinite power, presumably innate in some persons, that enables one to induce hypnosis.

We don't talk outright about personal magnetism or animal magnetism in the romance world, but what we are writing does have elements of that. Especially with vampires and shifters.

With vampires, it's not so much animal magnetic power, but personal hypnotic power. They use their power to put their victims in thrall.

  1. Also called thraldom, (US) thralldom. the state or condition of being in the power of another person
  2. a person who is in such a state
  3. a person totally subject to some need, desire, appetite, etc

4. (transitive) to enslave or dominate

But with werewolves, we ARE talking about animal magnetism, not so much the ability to induce hypnosis, but for sure the power to attract and hold attention, the ability to exude power and dominance, and an enhanced physical presence.

I think a lot of their power comes from an enhanced physical presence sourced from their wolf or their bear or their other internal animal. The wild part of them that refuses to be tamed yet calls to us with all the beauty of a perfect storm.

And in my ongoing shifter story in Sexy to Go, this power emerges in several ways. It's sexually attractive - almost an aphrodisiac - as well as dominating and confident. In the latest installment, one new ability has made itself known, namely, that a VERY dominant male's power can pull a female into labor. In this case, two females, who enter labor. One, upon his arrival (though she hasn't laid eyes on him yet) and the other, once she is in direct line of sight.

Here's an excerpt from the story, called Mate me or Hate me:

Dahlia placed an arm across her shoulders. “Don’t worry, Snake’s not going to let anything happen to you – or the baby. Nor is Liam and he has the entire bear pack to back him up. Believe me, nobody is going to get to this baby but us.”
Swallowing, she lifted her head. “Okay. Fine. But when we get there, remind me why I’m not living in another country sipping coffee in a sidewalk cafe instead of hunkered down in some tiny remote cabin surrounded by bears watching my mind go stir crazy?”
“Deal.” Dahlia took her hand and pulled.
Casi came off the bed and paused, one hand automatically going to her belly. “Wait. I feel funny.”
“What is it?”
“I think… It’s …” One strong cramp hit her and she cried out, then liquid trickled down her legs. “Oh, damn. I think my water broke.” Gasping, she looked up at Dahlia, searching for support.
Dahlia produced a phone she’d had hidden somewhere on her body and dialed. “Liam? It’s time. We need to get Casi to the hospital right now.” Ample swearing could be heard on the other end, and Snake’s concerned voice, too. “Okay. We will meet you here.” She snapped the phone shut and turned to Casi. “Do you have a bag already packed? What about a robe?”
Casi pointed to the robe on the end of the bed and her bag, sitting on the chair next to the dining table. Dahlia wrapped her in the robe, grabbed the bag and started them toward the door.
When Casi put her hand on the doorknob, her body flushed hot. A thousand prickles tingled over her skin, precursors of something bigger, but she didn’t know what. It felt almost as if … almost … Oh, God. Was she going to shift? But I can’t do that. The baby. Demanding her body remain in human form, she stubbornly opened the door.
Behind her, Dahlia let out a sharp cry. Casi’s senses picked up her distress, the cramp that ran through her mate was the same as hers a moment ago. Then, she scented the additional liquid. Dahlia had just entered labor, too. But how, or why? Stunned, Casi focused her attention on the figure in front of the door. A large man silhouetted against the bright sunlight, his face nearly in shadow. But from what she could see of it, he looked familiar. As if she’d known him long ago… Suddenly the details snapped into place. She could hardly find breath to say the words that burned through her throat on the way out.

“Hello, dad.”

Suffice to say, the super-dominant masculine exudes a force on the female body that cannot be denied. And that's probably WHY females love them so much! :)

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